elliott agriculture

Premium Organic Beef & Lamb


We source our certified organic lamb from Elliott Agriculture, which comes from the property “Scotland” South of Jackson in South West Queensland. The region is one of the premium beef and lamb producing areas in Queensland and Australia. Elliott Agriculture is well known for producing the most tender and flavoursome beef and lamb possible.


Elliott Premium beef and lamb is a small family run property that is owned and managed by Shane and Jane Elliott and their two sons. The enterprise is a small grazing property dedicated to sustainable production of naturally produced beef and lamb, with animal welfare a key focus. Their beef is produced organically from specially selected angus cattle. Angus are known throughout the world for their ability to consistently produce the finest high-quality beef. Their lamb is specially selected meat sheep breeds and is guaranteed ‘hormone’ free. It is naturally finished with no hormone growth promotant’s ensuring great tasting, tender lamb.

figtrees organic farm

Organic Pork


Our Certified Organic Pork is sourced from FigTrees Organic Farms. FigTrees Organic Farms are located in Northern NSW, with organic certified farms in Inverell and Grafton and are managed by Glenn Morris and his family. In 2016 Glenn was one of three finalists for one of the nation’s most prestigious environmental awards – the Bob Hawke Landcare award.

By placing a far greater emphysis on working with natural processes the team at FigTrees Organic Farms has been able to regenerate the properties from tired conventionally run farms to thriving healthy landscapes bursting with abundance, that comes from caring for healthy soils.


The pigs are born and ethically raised on FigTrees Organic Farms, they graze on 100% organic pastures and are fed on a 100% organic balanced ration. The organic pork is exceptional in taste and quality. You will find that the organic pigs have a thicker layer of fat, as they are grown naturally to size and allowed to take their time, producing a more flavoursome product.

bendele organic poultry farm

Organic Chicken


Our certified organic chicken is sourced from Bendele Organic Poultry Farm, which comes from Kilkivan Queensland, near Gympie. They are a family owned business run by Fred and Sarah Sterns. Bendele Organic Poultry Farm hand rear the poultry on their farm before they are old enough to forage freely in the open countryside with fresh air and sunshine.


Bendele Organic Poultry Farm is dedicated to rearing premium quality chicken using strict Certified Organic farming methods free from chemicals, growth hormones, antibiotics, pesticides and herbicides, with the results evident in the succulent, tender and tasty meat.

country range farming

Organic Eggs


We offer organic eggs in store which are sourced from Country Range Farming. Country Range Farming is a family-owned company located on the Darling Downs in Queensland. They are dedicated to quality and committed to the production of organic eggs that are free from any known synthetic additives and GMOs, with organic hens thriving under ideal free-range conditions.


The eggs are laid by hens that are able to live under natural conditions and have access to food and water at all times. The hens lay their eggs in straw-filled nests from which eggs are collected twice daily by hand. Happy hens results in delicious eggs.


A modern, state of the art grading and processing facility also operates on the farm to ensure the integrity of the product and the production chain, utilising the very latest in food technology.